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How Can I Order?

It’s really easy. Simply add the item you liked to the cart and follow the instructions. However, try to pay attention to every step of the order placement process to make sure that all information is correct and you don’t miss any instructions. If you still have some questions about making an order, be sure to let us know via the chat on the website or our email address.

I Have Made an Order, What’s Next?

After placing your order you will receive a confirmation email and we will contact you when your order will be dispatched or in case if the item you ordered is not in stock. This is why you need to make sure that you specified the correct email address. Well, and don’t forget to check the spam folder in your email. Also, we would like to remind you that we only work on weekdays.

My Order Is Not Being Processed. Why Is That?

You probably made your order during off-hours or on weekend. We work on business days from 11 AM to 7 PM Moscow time (UTC+3). Our every single working day starts with processing the new orders and we will get in touch with you in no time when we see yours.

Does It Take Long for out-of-Stock Items to Go Back on Sale?

Usually it doesn’t take us longer than two weeks to replenish our stock. However, we’d like to let you know beforehand that sometimes there are delays. In any case, feel free to preorder your garment and we will work hard to get it delivered to you as soon as possible.

Can I Visit You and See the Garments?

Our showroom is located in Moscow and all accessories from the website are usually available there, too. Simply get in touch with us beforehand to make sure that the garment you want to buy is in stock. Feel free to check out the how-to-get-there map and the list of official HANDWERS resellers.

Can I Get a Discount?

We give discounts to our regular customers and the more you buy, the bigger discount you are given. Occasionally, we also have sales that you can learn about by subscribing to our newsletter. Kinda usual thing.

Return & Warranty

Do You Have a Warranty?

All our products covered by a one-year warranty. It doesn't mean that one year later our product will turn into a pumpkin. Take care of it and everything will be fine.

How Can I Return the Product?

If the product wasn't used and you have all the documents for your purchase — you can return it within a year. If you think that our product is defective — you must take pictures of it from every angle and send them to us with a detailed description. You will find more information here.

Payment & Delivery

Do You Deliver to My Country? How Long Will It Take?

We will deliver your order to you wherever you are. Estimating the delivery time is complicate because it depends on the delivery method you chose. There’s a general rule though. The more expensive the quicker. If you can’t wait to get your garment, we’d recommend you to choose DHL. Read more about our delivery terms on this page. Oh, and the most important thing is to make sure that the item you want to order is currently in stock.

How Can I Pay My Order?

We accept payments via PayPal and Yandex.Kassa Russian payment service (credit/debit cards, e-money, and stuff). We recommend you to use PayPal because it ensures utmost security of your funds.


Can You Make a Garment Especially for Me?

We’d really love to, but it’s not as easy as it seems. Every product has an array of unique features that make it look nice and uniform every time we make it. A garment with the sizes provided by you would be either too expensive and time-consuming to make or too crudely made. Admit it, both things suck. This is exactly the reason why we don’t take orders for individual garments.

Can Magnets in Your Products Harm My Gadgets and Credit Cards?

We haven’t received a single complaint about demagnetized credit cards or damaged devices. Our personal experiences suggests the same thing. It looks like it’s physically impossible due to the small size of magnets.

What About the Packaging? Can You Gift-Wrap It for Me?

Most of our products come in nice kraft paper bags, big backpacks and bags come in textile bags, and other really bulky garments come in boxes. We don’t gift-wrap our products yet, but it’s very likely that we will start doing it really soon.

Can You Stamp My Garment for Me?

We definitely can, but we only do it for orders of 10 items or more. If you are interested in it, please visit our B2B page.

Are There Any Other Important Things That I Should Know?

Sure! We recommend you to dig our article about Taking care of our products. Information about Guarantee on our goods and Return Policy is pretty helpful, too. Be sure to dig our Terms of Use and Privacy Policies. All these things will help you understand more about Handwers.

Product Care

We take special care in selecting only high-quality materials for our goods, but the surface of leather is unique. Tone changes, certain natural peculiarities, wrinkles, or scars on leather cannot be considered as defects and be the subject for return. Leather must and will change with time just like your favorite jeans or sneakers.

• We recommend you to dry-clean the garment if it’s made of felt. Use a clothing roller or soft cloth to clean it.

• If possible, please try to avoid contact with water. Neither soak nor wash the item.

• If the item came to contact with water, simply brush it aside or sponge it up with a piece of cloth.

• Don’t dry the item with hot air since it may lead to dehydration of leather and its distortion.

• Avoid contact with foods, cosmetics, perfumery products, or household chemicals.

• Try not to rub the leather against coarse or any other abrasive surfaces.

• You can partly get rid of scratches on leather by gently rubbing it against a piece of leather or chamois.

• Care should also be taken to avoid colour transfer from dark clothing onto light leathers, particularly dyes from denim and also from dark leathers onto light coloured clothing.

• If you would like to use a new product for leather, please do so only on a small area at first.

• Store the garment in a cold and dry place when not used.